What to Do When the Idea Fairy Comes Calling

If you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, you’re familiar with the Idea Fairy. If you haven’t read this book, do yourself a favor and go get it. The short explanation of this is that ideas are real, physical entities floating everywhere around us. Essentially, we do not choose ideas, ideas choose us. They flit and float around until they find someone to take care of them and bring them to life. If you are visited by the Idea Fairy and choose to ignore whatever gift she is trying to give you, then she moves on to the next person….who probably takes the idea and becomes a millionaire.

I started thinking about this because I recently received the gift of a children’s book called “What Do You Do with an Idea? As a 9 Quickstart on the Kolbe Index, I have no shortage of ideas. They flow freely and most are more of a distraction than anything else. But it got me thinking about what I do when an idea floats into my consciousness.

My first instinct is usually to ignore it and hope that goes away. This is my cue that fear has entered the room. I’ve been threatening for 3 years to write a book. It has a title and everything and its message is needed in the world. But it feels overwhelming and I’m afraid of putting myself out there in a way that feels this big. However, my Idea Fairy steadfastly refuses to pack her bags and she patiently sips her glass of wine in the corner of my mind.

After I’ve assessed whether an idea is actually do-able, the next thing that often happens is that I start worrying about what other people think.  

I know firsthand how hard it is to have the nay-sayers around who rain on your parade 24/7 and what that can do to your momentum.  But if I had listened to those people instead of my heart, I’d still be doing work that no longer fueled my creativity or offered me flexibility and freedom. I strongly suggest NOT TELLING people who are likely to be unsupportive. What I DO recommend is finding some like-minded people who can support you and fuel your passion. I’ve been a member of Mastermind groups since 2010 and that’s a big part of my success.

Remember.., it’s YOUR idea. Not THEIRS.

The last thing that usually comes up for me is “who am I to do XYZ?” But the real question that needs to be asked here is “who am I NOT to do XYZ?” The world needs more creativity and leadership. Who are we not to share our gifts and passions? Our playing small does not serve the world.

Obviously, not every idea is destined to be brought to life. Some are not sustainable. Sometimes the timing isn’t right. Sometimes the newness wears off quickly and you realize that this thing is not yours to do. And sometimes a new idea is really just a distraction from doing the real work we need to be doing. That’s called bright shiny object syndrome.

What I am suggesting is giving yourself an opportunity to at least PLAY with Idea Fairy. What if… instead of fearing and hiding from ideas, you decided to embrace them and tend them carefully?  Give them your attention. Consider how you might play a bigger game. You may ultimately decide not to act and that’s fine. Just playing this game will expand your thinking about possibilities and creativity.

And who knows? If you do dance with the Idea Fairy, you may just change the world!

The Medipreneurs Summit 2018 is a perfect dance floor for you and the Idea Fairy. We’re gathering a group of like-minded creative pharmacists who have a bigger vision for healthcare and are ready to see what’s outside the box of current pharmacy practice. Come join the party!

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The three of us joined forces to help each other through the journey from traditional pharmacist to business owner and from this we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way. We spent years working to create business models and systems that work; to understand the marketing strategies necessary for growth; and to grow our highly successful businesses.

We made a choice to forge new paths in healthcare, and take back the power to heal that a pharmacist should have. Although we’re each following our own unique passion, we are united in our purpose: To give other medical professionals the tools to do things differently and join us as leaders in this new movement in pharmacy.

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