The Twists and Turns of a Medipreneur’s Career Path

The path to entrepreneurship is rarely a straight line. I started out in pharmacy as a hospital pharmacist, worked for industry briefly, went back to the hospital, jumped into ambulatory care and then into an online business. Whew! I know that many pharmacists are risk-averse, myself included, but there are so many opportunities out there. […]

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Healthcare is Changing – So Can You!

This week Seema Verma, CMS director, announced some exciting new changes.  As you know, payment for healthcare is rapidly changing from a fee-for-service model to a shared risk, prospective payment model.  This requires everyone to track outcomes (vs activities).  It also provides HUGE opportunities! The exciting changes included a focus on the following items: Meaningful […]

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How Medipreneurs Began

Where it all began This adventure started with each of us beginning a business, and then meeting each other through a series of synchronicities. We realized that we were all on the same path even though we had very different businesses. Our stories were similar and we encountered similar barriers. Together, we pushed through those obstacles […]

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Intrapreneurs: Cool Ideas @ Work

The Medipreneurs founders and many pharmacists who are now entrepreneurs started as “intrapreneurs” early in their careers. In this video, we share some of our early stories. Hear about our experience and challenge yourself to explore your own intrapreneurial dreams at the Medipreneurs Summit 2018. — We are three smart, fierce, and pretty quirky pharmacists […]

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Can Family Come First?

Are you struggling to juggle parenthood and your career? Becoming your own boss opens up avenues that give you the freedom and flexibility that 14-hour shifts can’t. In this video, Medipreneurs founders share how they have managed to juggle having a business with the responsibilities of having a family (plus a genius “kid-handoff” idea). — […]

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