Missed Opportunities Add Up to Great Business!

Sue started off traditionally in retail pharmacy. She did independent pharmacy, long term care consulting. She even worked for a hospital system primarily doing the Coumadin Clinic, and the Meds to Beds Outpatient Pharmacy. Now she owns her own business.

During her years of practice, Sue kept seeing opportunities to help patients that were going unmet. This led her to create Synergy Rx. A series of synchronicities brought her together with Anna Garrett and Michelle Fritsch and Medipreneurs was born. Learn more about her career path in this video.

We look forward to seeing you April 27-29 in beautiful Asheville, NC – the birthplace of the Asheville Project, a gift from pharmacists to the city of Asheville that demonstrated the amazing health outcomes of pharmacist intervention!

Register now through December 31 and you’ll be entered into a drawing to receive a refund of your tuition or a free registration to gift to a colleague or friend.

We are three smart, fierce, and pretty quirky pharmacists who chose to get out of the box, become entrepreneurs, and find freedom by starting our own businesses. This allowed us to pursue our passions, and approach health care holistically with the focus where it should be – on the patient.

The three of us joined forces to help each other through the journey from traditional pharmacist to business owner and from this we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly along the way. We spent years working to create business models and systems that work; to understand the marketing strategies necessary for growth; and to grow our highly successful businesses.

We made a choice to forge new paths in healthcare, and take back the power to heal that a pharmacist should have. Although we’re each following our own unique passion, we are united in our purpose: To give other medical professionals the tools to do things differently and join us as leaders in this new movement in pharmacy.

We work and network with many pharmacy entrepreneurs and INTRApreneurs, and we are witnesses to how THESE are the pharmacists who are not only finding true autonomy and are able to provide real patient-centered care, as they should be, but they’re also finding greater financial success doing so.

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