Overcoming Fear of Failure

We talked a little about this last week, but it is an important subject: fear of failure. This week we dive in a little deeper and talk about what comes after failure: growth. “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett All of the things that you have done to […]

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What to Do When the Idea Fairy Comes Calling

If you’ve read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, you’re familiar with the Idea Fairy. If you haven’t read this book, do yourself a favor and go get it. The short explanation of this is that ideas are real, physical entities floating everywhere around us. Essentially, we do not choose ideas, ideas choose us. They flit and […]

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4 Reasons Women Avoid Investing in Themselves (and Why it Matters)

Have you ever thought about the differences in the way men and women invest in themselves? Let’s compare… A guy’s best friend calls to tell him he’s been offered 2 tickets to the Super Bowl. In a skybox. With unlimited free beer and food. The tickets are going to cost $1000 each and there will […]

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Missed Opportunities Add Up to Great Business!

Sue started off traditionally in retail pharmacy. She did independent pharmacy, long term care consulting. She even worked for a hospital system primarily doing the Coumadin Clinic, and the Meds to Beds Outpatient Pharmacy. Now she owns her own business. During her years of practice, Sue kept seeing opportunities to help patients that were going […]

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Gift Giving

Giving a Gift to the One You Know Best

For many people this is a season of gift giving.  Gifts are one of the ways we express our love for others.  They are a way of honoring the recipient.  Gifts express gratitude. There are Five Love Languages, as described by Gary Chapman: Words of Affirmation Quality Time Receiving Gifts Acts of Service Physical Touch […]

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