Big Leap or Baby Steps? How to Navigate the Beginnings of Business

Pharmacists aren’t known for being out-of-the-box thinkers sometimes. I think we have a generation of pharmacists right now that are going to shatter that stereotype. We’re learning more and more about pharmacists that are doing exactly that: thinking outside the box. One scary question that always seems to come up for people is… what if […]

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2018 Reflection

Isn’t it interesting how with new year allows to think, reflect, and plan differently? I mean, technically, we could do that any day, but a new year always seems to encourage us think about things in a fresh new way. I encourage you to do this with your profession. And, if you’re a healthcare professional, […]

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Gift Giving

Giving a Gift to the One You Know Best

For many people this is a season of gift giving.  Gifts are one of the ways we express our love for others.  They are a way of honoring the recipient.  Gifts express gratitude. There are Five Love Languages, as described by Gary Chapman: Words of Affirmation Quality Time Receiving Gifts Acts of Service Physical Touch […]

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Never Say Never

Never Say Never!

This week’s story comes from Medipreneur Michelle Fritsch: Life can take you down so many different paths and you never know what will happen. I started out wanting to be an astronaut. That’s its own story. But once I got to pharmacy school and residency, I fell fully in love with geriatrics and healthy aging. […]

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Why the Medipreneurs are Grateful

On this Thanksgiving Day, we all have a lot to be grateful for. As Medipreneurs, we are especially grateful for the opportunities we have been afforded to make a difference in people’s lives.  We’ve all left the comfort of traditional practice because we saw opportunities that were being unmet. Healthcare is changing. You’ve heard these […]

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