Breaking Out of the Status Quo as an Intrapreneur: Interview with Stephanie Kiser

Intrapreneurship can be challenging at times. Sometimes it can take a little bit of convincing to get the ball rolling on a new innovative project. It is important to understand the language of your audience, and also that languages change as you move across an organization. It is also important to form relationships and ask honest […]

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It’s All About Relationships

I know you have a story like this. I was pleasantly surprised by a difficulty we encountered at the primary care office where I am a pharmacist who works with the patients and the providers. The story begins with a prior authorization denial for an EpiPen. EpiPen can be life saving during an allergic reaction. […]

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Medipreneurs Summit

Why We’ve Invested in the Medipreneurs Summit

A lot of people have asked us why this is something that we feel so strongly about and why we have invested our own money and resources into this. Anna had been part of a business coaching group for a number of years and had found it very helpful to have the accountability of a […]

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Intrapreneurs: Cool Ideas @ Work

The Medipreneurs founders and many pharmacists who are now entrepreneurs started as “intrapreneurs” early in their careers. In this video, we share some of our early stories. Hear about our experience and challenge yourself to explore your own intrapreneurial dreams at the Medipreneurs Summit 2018. — We are three smart, fierce, and pretty quirky pharmacists […]

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